Valentine’s Day

Well Valentine’s Day is this Friday and we all know what means! Lovey-dovey couples enjoying their lives and bitter single souls celebrating singles awareness day. But I think that Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by people in either situation as a day to just feel good and be happy. Some people get too caught up in all of the expectations of love day that they can’t even enjoy themselves. Either coupled people freak out about getting the right gifts or single people are off by themselves being sad about being alone. Sometimes I think that’s all Valentine’s Day is about: the expectations. Some people expect too much from their significant other and are disappointed when things don’t go the way they want. Single people also usually dread Valentine’s Day complaining about how alone they are, when in reality once the day is over they forget about their initial dread and move on with their lives.


But I find it interesting that people don’t really worry about Valentine’s Day until they start high school. When we were kids the only things we cared about on Valentine’s Day were the chocolate and classroom parties. We enjoyed the holiday because it was just that, another holiday. A day to celebrate love and love for others, not a day to shoot hate rays at anyone in a relationship. Just remember to enjoy yourselves on Valentine’s Day and be happy for the couples around you! Have a great day!