Creativity in the Classroom

I don’t feel like I have given enough credit to one of my teachers. I always seem to be complaining about how terrible homework is and how teachers don’t understand the meaning of a break or no sleep and all that. But in class we have been sorrydoing assignments that I haven’t even realized are useful and actually fun until now. I guess I didn’t even realize it was the work for the book we are reading…if that makes sense. Currently we are finishing up the book 1984 and we did two activities for this book that really stuck with me.

First we did this thing where we made groups of three and analyzed a section or paragraph of the book. Then each group would look for any interesting analytics or pieces within the paragraph that relate to the book as a whole or draw outside references that relate to the book. It was a fun and interactive way to get the whole class involved with the book, and it was kind of like AP test prep because it showed how much each group could analyze and talk about in one small paragraph. Which made me feel better knowing that there should be so much I will be able to write about on my three AP test essays

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The Body Clock

I was reading an article on lifehacker yesterday, and I found an article that was really interesting. At first I thought it was going to be about tips on how to work more efficiently, since that is what I was looking for, but it wasn’t. The article explained that our body works on its own schedule, and it expressed how we could work with our natural body clock to help work efficiently.


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Providing the Perfect Workspace

I read an article on 99u the other day about how the set up of a person’s desk or office space can affect how they perform at work. The article stated that being able to set up your own space, using furniture you want andoffice plant arranging it how you like, makes you more productive in getting work done. Using rounded furniture and arranging it in circular patterns has an inviting affect and can also promote more brain activity. But the article stated that of you are unable to do anything else, put a plant in your office or on your desk because it lowers stress and makes the workspace more optimistic. These were just a few tips about how to improve you office space; and it made me wonder that if personalized, inviting environments promote better productivity and creativity when doing work, what kind of an environment do our schools impose on students? Continue Reading

Not Creative

I’m not a very creative person, I can’t draw well or come up with out-of-the-box ideas for projects or anything.  I always complain when teachers give too strict directions for things, but when they don’t give enough direction, when things are wide open for me to do, I feel lost. In my English class we are doing these projects called innovation projects where we can do anything we want as long as it has some kind of positive impact and addresses a need in the community. I find it very hard to come up with an idea for what I want to do for my innovation project because it is so open. I like having the freedom and being able to keep my options wide open, but its a little uncomfortable for me not to be told what the exact directions are for the project. This makes me wonder, if I’m having a hard time doing a project like this, how will I feel when I get a real career and need to work on free-reign projects? Will I draw a creative blank like I am now or will I adapt better as an adult in the work force to these kinds of projects?

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