The Stress Monster and College

Recently I have been feeling more stressed out than usual. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the horrible month of March, but I am slowly falling apart under the amount of work and decisions I have to make for the future. I am going to start college next year so I have been receiving and awaiting acceptances and rejections from schools. As I have been getting acceptances I am realizing that I don’t know where I want to go to college. I haven’t been getting excited about the acceptances I receive because I am so worried that I  didn’t apply to schools that I actually want to go to. I know I applied to schools that have my major but looking back, I should have put more consideration into where I applied. I envy the people who know where they want to go for college. I don’t want to regret the decision I make about where I go to college, what I choose to study, and whether or not I choose to run track in college. I’m second guessing every decision I have made about college and I feel so overwhelmed by the thought of leaving everything I know now to go somewhere and study something that I don’t even know I will like. I thought I knew what I wanted to study but now I’m wondering if its actually what I want to do, or if I just chose to do that because there was no better option. I also thought I knew that I wanted to run track in college, but sometimes I wonder if I was just put on that path and never had the sense to take myself off.



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Snorkeling at Corona del Mar

Today I went snorkeling at Corona del Mar to work on my Environmental Science project. It’s the same as my scuba project in case you read that post. I went with my friend Makenna, who I’m partnered with for the project, and our teacher. I wasn’t expecting to go today because we forgot to follow up with our teacher to verify going today, but I skipped practice and made it work. We borrowed equipment from the scuba instructor and borrowed some wetsuits at the last minute, went down to the beach, and prepared to snorkel out to the kelp beds to observe what we needed. We didn’t gather any data today, but we plan on doing that another time.

It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Getting in the water was probably the biggest struggle because we were trying to put our masks on while getting knocked over by waves, and the fins did not help with balancing. I’m sure we all looked really great flailing around to try to stay on our feet! It made me wish we could have class like that everyday. It was nice to be able to work hands on outside of the classroom. I also thought that I would get freaked out by the kelp, but I didn’t. Once I was surrounded by it, it felt more soft than anything. Plus I was wearing a wetsuit so I couldn’t really feel that much of it touching me. We observed the kelp to see what we could use to determine how healthy the kelp is. We decided that seeing if the kelp is bleached is a sign of unhealthy kelp and kelp with white specks (which are colonies of something that’s name slips my mind right now) is a sign of healthy kelp.

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March is the WORST month for work. This seems to be the month that teachers have decided to pile on all of the work they didn’t manage to give us the previous semester. Dear teachers, what are we cramming for! Its the middle of the semester. I did not become Super Student who has the ability to complete all of my work, after having a long practice, and still get a good nights sleep. I am currently suffocating under the amount of work I have to do for and it doesn’t help that track season just started which means I have meets both during the week and on weekends. But the best part about all of this work is when teachers wonder why every student in class is either sleeping or looks like they should be. I can clue them in on what’s going on. In the past four days we haven’t gotten more than five hours of sleep a night. It is becoming slow torture to wake up every morning knowing that I have to go through the same routine and experience the same pain when I go home and realize that once again I will be staying up until 2 in the morning to complete whatever work it is from each class.


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80s Movies

Today I watched a movie in English class called Three O’clock High. This movie is from the 80s which my teacher emphasized. Or that’s just what I noticed from it the most. It made me think about all of the 80s movies that kids now consider classics, such as The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Footloose, and Dirty Dancing. I understand why they are classics now. They are all about teenage angst and are really good movies. But I asked my dad one day about them and he told me that when some of the 80s “classics” first came out that they were not all that popular. I thought this so weird because we praise them so highly today, but I guess that’s what makes them classics. They become more highly loved overtime. Okay that was a really short post. I thought I had more to say about this topic but it kind of died. Please leave comments to finish up my thoughts on this. Sorry, have a great day!

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For my Environmental Science class I have the opportunity to do scuba diving as part of a research project. I get to train to be a certified diver and have the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone while having fun with my friends. I’m excited to try something new, but I’m also a little nervous to be that far underwater. I know anything can happen and I’m worried that by some weird occurrence I will freak out underwater. I feel like I just need some reassurance that I will be fine. Maybe its just my paranoia kicking in.


Musical Personalities

I have been told that you can tell a lot about someone’s personality based on the music they listen to. I’m not entirely sure if this is true, but I know some people judge others based on it. Since I don’t judge a persons personality based on what music they listen to I don’t have many “stereotypes” for what kinds of music match certain types of people. The only ones I can come up with are:


1. People who listen to only top 100 music are either middle schoolers or people who try too hard to fit in
2. People who listen to depressing hipster music usually need to talk about their feelings
3. People who listen to hard core rap are scary on the outside but funny on the inside.
(Note: This is all based on my experience I could be totally wrong in someone else’s eyes.)

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Valentine’s Day

Well Valentine’s Day is this Friday and we all know what means! Lovey-dovey couples enjoying their lives and bitter single souls celebrating singles awareness day. But I think that Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by people in either situation as a day to just feel good and be happy. Some people get too caught up in all of the expectations of love day that they can’t even enjoy themselves. Either coupled people freak out about getting the right gifts or single people are off by themselves being sad about being alone. Sometimes I think that’s all Valentine’s Day is about: the expectations. Some people expect too much from their significant other and are disappointed when things don’t go the way they want. Single people also usually dread Valentine’s Day complaining about how alone they are, when in reality once the day is over they forget about their initial dread and move on with their lives.


But I find it interesting that people don’t really worry about Valentine’s Day until they start high school. When we were kids the only things we cared about on Valentine’s Day were the chocolate and classroom parties. We enjoyed the holiday because it was just that, another holiday. A day to celebrate love and love for others, not a day to shoot hate rays at anyone in a relationship. Just remember to enjoy yourselves on Valentine’s Day and be happy for the couples around you! Have a great day!