In a matter of 7 days I will be out of high school. Technically I graduate the 11th, but seniors get out a week before everyone else to do senior things like, baccalaureate, senior breakfast, and senior honors night.  My high school journey has definitely been an interesting one. I’m guessing it’s not unlike a lot of people’s high school careers, but I learned a lot.


Freshman year I came into high school not really knowing what to expect. I knew that there would be a lot more people, but I don’t think I was expecting to encounter some of the people I did. I had to get used to being in classes with people who were older than me, and I had to adapt to the new environment. Freshman year I hung out with mostly people I knew from middle school, until the end of the year. I started to eat lunch with other friends when my middle school group began to exclude me from things and would leave me out of conversations. I realized they were not the people I wanted to be friends  with anymore, so I took it upon myself to leave. When I joined track at the end of the year I didn’t think about how much it would impact my life. I never considered doing a sport in college as a freshman because I was too busy playing soccer and enjoying trying as many new sports as possible.

Sophomore year I figured things out a little more and came back ready for the new year. I quit playing volleyball because I knew it wasn’t really my thing. I still fully identified myself as a soccer player and stuck with that. Sophomore year I still hadn’t gone back to my old middle school friends and because of track I made new ones. Honestly there isn’t really that much to say about my second year of high school so moving on…

Junior year! I remember I made the big decision at the end of my sophomore year to quit soccer completely and dedicate myself solely to track. I made more friends and got closer to the ones I made in high school. I took some difficult classes but my schedule was never as busy as it could have been or as it was sophomore year. In track I was doing really well. I was peaking early and still felt like I had a lot left in me to finish out the season. I was recognized for my improvements and loved when I did well. The only problem was that I was a brat when it came to having a bad performance. And then I broke my ankle. I went from my best to rock bottom in one second. I was out for the rest of season but I learned some lessons that I might not have had I not broken my ankle. I learned about perseverance and I humbled myself. I became more aware of my attitude and the way I acted while I was competing. I finished the year really excited for senior year.

Then this year finally came along. I have managed to make even more friends, and I only hang out with a select few from my middle school days. This year was a lot harder for me than I expected it to be. I had a lot of homework all the time and I would stay up late many nights in a row, week after week, and I could never seem to catch up on sleep over the weekends because I always had track meets and then more homework. But this year I decided to start not worrying so much about school because it is senior year and I am supposed to be having fun. So I started to go out to eat with my friends during the week. Or just hang out during the week, even though I had homework to do , I became immune to staying up late so I didn’t mind it as much. My track season this year did not go as planned or as I would have hoped. I finished the year improving in only one event from last year. I don’t know if it was recovering from the broken ankle that got in the way or if it was just my own mental-ness that caused the problems. Lucky for me I have more chances to do well in college track woo!

This post isn’t just about leaving high school though. It’s also about leaving for college. Now personally, I am not going away for college but a lot of my friends are. I haven’t really thought about the fact that these people who I see everyday won’t be there anymore. I don’t know if I will stay close to all of them, some of them, or any of them. It makes me sad to think that I might not even see some of them again. Graduation day will definitely be one filled with tears. probably not from me, but I can guarantee that at least a few of my friends will cry.


Bye high school haha

Anyway this ended up being a lot more sentimental and my-life-story-ish than I planned, but have a nice day!


When I remember that summer is almost here!

Oh! P.S. I never told about my scuba trip from about a month ago. So here are some cool pictures from the trip that my teacher took! Yeah they are all of kelp, but they look pretty cool!


Hey it’s me! Too bad this one is blurry.




Beautiful, serene, majestic kelp.


2 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. I’m going to miss you. I’m glad I can still hear your voice and see your smile when I read your blog posts. Even if you don’t keep this blog going I hope you blog somewhere. You are a good writer and you should continue to share your thoughts through writing.

    • Thanks Mr. Theriault! I have considered, and will consider more strongly now, continuing blogging even if I don’t post every week. I’ll miss you and your class too!

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