My Obsessions

I have obsessions. Yeah. Everyone does. So here they are. First and foremost, I LOVE the show Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I was honestly so sad when it ended. And yes, for those of you who also watch it, I do watch Korra too. Both of the shows are amazing and I love them. There aren’t even words to describe the excitement I feel when I see them on TV. I could talk about Avatar all day; about the plot development, the character growth, the soundtrack, and how the animation changed over time. And I really like it when I meet someone who loves Avatar as much as me but knows more about it because then I get to learn more about the creators, the show, and Korra.

avatar gif        korra gif

I also LOVE Harry Potter. I was devastated when I finished the last book and realized that there was nothing else to look forward to. No more magic and wizards. I think I sat in my room just sitting and starring for a few minutes before I remembered that the last movie hadn’t come out yet and then I went to the midnight premiere of it. After the midnight premiere I got the shock and pained feeling of “its all over”. What’s even more unfortunate is that I only own the last Harry Potter book. I read all of the others in elementary school and checked them out from the school library. I own all of the movies, but I am determined to get all of the books once I find the money to do so.


Last, but certainly not least is chocolate. I could eat it all the time, and I would if it didn’t make me fat and if I didn’t get full off of it. When See’s Candies says that eating their candy is “A happy habit”. They do not lie. Chocolate makes people happy. It picks people up when they are down, but then knocks them back down again when the person realizes they just gorged themselves on chocolate to the point of sickness….But it’s okay I love it and I’ll stick with my “happy habit”.


These are only a few of my obsessions. They are the obsessions that have stuck for a long time. I seem to go through many obsession “phases”. For instance, I think it was last summer….I was obsessed with the Spice Girls. I don’t know why and I don’t know how I got into their music, but I did and whenever I drove places with my friends, I forced them to listen and enjoy it with me. Not that I don’t like the Spice Girls anymore, but I stopped listening to them constantly. Yeah that was an odd one.

Anyway, have a nice day!

P.S. Did anyone else not think that gifs are basically like the pictures from Harry Potter…


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