In a matter of 7 days I will be out of high school. Technically I graduate the 11th, but seniors get out a week before everyone else to do senior things like, baccalaureate, senior breakfast, and senior honors night.  My high school journey has definitely been an interesting one. I’m guessing it’s not unlike a lot of people’s high school careers, but I learned a lot.


Freshman year I came into high school not really knowing what to expect. I knew that there would be a lot more people, but I don’t think I was expecting to encounter some of the people I did. I had to get used to being in classes with people who were older than me, and I had to adapt to the new environment. Freshman year I hung out with mostly people I knew from middle school, until the end of the year. I started to eat lunch with other friends when my middle school group began to exclude me from things and would leave me out of conversations. I realized they were not the people I wanted to be friends  with anymore, so I took it upon myself to leave. When I joined track at the end of the year I didn’t think about how much it would impact my life. I never considered doing a sport in college as a freshman because I was too busy playing soccer and enjoying trying as many new sports as possible.

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End of School and Job Hunting

Well I have three weeks of school left, and you know what I get to do. Projects. No I don’t get to relax and ride out these last few weeks not caring or trying in any of my classes. I actually don’t know if that’s what other people get to do so I shouldn’t complain too much. But currently I am working on five projects to finish the school year. Yes, five. I am really hoping that my teachers don’t add any more surprise projects along the way either. So I have been stressing about how I will get all of this done, and I’ve started looking for a place to work over the summer and possibly carry into the school year next year. It’s not that job applications are hard, I just want some peace of mind knowing that I will get a job somewhere. I hope I haven’t waited too long because I know that other people will be applying for summer jobs too.


Is it time to panic yet?

In addition to a summer job, I should also start volunteering this summer to mark off hours for college. I want this summer to be fun and memorable before all of my friends part ways, but I’m wondering if I will have time to get everything I need to get done AND everything I want to do. It doesn’t seem like there will be enough time in those short two and a half months.

I’m slowly falling apart under the weight of all these projects…but have a nice day!

My Obsessions

I have obsessions. Yeah. Everyone does. So here they are. First and foremost, I LOVE the show Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I was honestly so sad when it ended. And yes, for those of you who also watch it, I do watch Korra too. Both of the shows are amazing and I love them. There aren’t even words to describe the excitement I feel when I see them on TV. I could talk about Avatar all day; about the plot development, the character growth, the soundtrack, and how the animation changed over time. And I really like it when I meet someone who loves Avatar as much as me but knows more about it because then I get to learn more about the creators, the show, and Korra.

avatar gif        korra gif

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