Creativity in the Classroom

I don’t feel like I have given enough credit to one of my teachers. I always seem to be complaining about how terrible homework is and how teachers don’t understand the meaning of a break or no sleep and all that. But in class we have been sorrydoing assignments that I haven’t even realized are useful and actually fun until now. I guess I didn’t even realize it was the work for the book we are reading…if that makes sense. Currently we are finishing up the book 1984 and we did two activities for this book that really stuck with me.

First we did this thing where we made groups of three and analyzed a section or paragraph of the book. Then each group would look for any interesting analytics or pieces within the paragraph that relate to the book as a whole or draw outside references that relate to the book. It was a fun and interactive way to get the whole class involved with the book, and it was kind of like AP test prep because it showed how much each group could analyze and talk about in one small paragraph. Which made me feel better knowing that there should be so much I will be able to write about on my three AP test essays

Then in class the other day we read as a class one of the chapters of the book, and for the remainder of the period everyone worked on these things called one-pagers. A one-pager is a page that we used to express our thoughts and reactions to the chapter we just read. We were required to write an interpretive statement, a quote, and have some sort of visual. At first I had a hard time with this because I am NOT creative. I realized though that as long as I understood what I was trying to say that it didn’t matter how beautiful my page was. The assignment became so much easier once I realized that my interpretation was different from other people and that I actually had a lot of freedom.


My 1984 one-pager

Freedom is another thing that I have been able to experience from this class. My teacher is open to the students opinions and although it is not a traditional English class we still learn the material in a more hands on and not as obvious way. Sure this style of teaching isn’t for everyone. Some people like the traditional read the book, take a test way of teaching which is normal. This is my first experience with a teacher who has taught using social media and videos and has let the students learn from themselves and each other.

I realized though that we were actually learning in this class when one of my friends said that she had three tests in her English class in ONE DAY. It doesn’t take doing three tests to be learning the material. As long as a student applies themselves and is open to learning they can get the same out of both styles of teaching. That sounded super cliché but it makes sense. That’s all for today. Have a great day!


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