Two Distopias

I am currently in the middle of reading both Brave New World and 1984. I didn’t realize that both of the books would be about similar subjects but be completely different.

1984 is about this super conservative, communist type world, where citizens follow one leader and do everything for the Party, or government. The citizens are constantly being watched by government cameras, and the three nations are always at war. People are never able to gain any kind of real relationship with anyone, including family, because the government has brainwashed the minds of all of its citizens. Children are taught to turn in their parents if they suspect any type of thoughts against the government; and most people are either people are too afraid to say anything to other possible conspirators, or others mindlessly follow whatever the government says. The government makes the people think they live in ideal conditions and tries to convince citizens that only positives come from their nation and leader. But in reality, the citizens are bombarded with rations on food and daily items, sex is looked down upon, and luxuries are unheard of.


Brave New World is also about a future dystopian society, but this society is far different from 1984. In this society, people are no longer born they are harvested and produced by the government. So there can be thousands of one person in the world, and everyone is split up into certain “casts” at birth. Every cast has a different position in society and once you’re in one you can’t leave it. But no one knows that they are in a lower cast than anyone else because everyone is brainwashed at birth to be happy where they are. This society brainwashes people, not through propaganda like the 1984 society, but the government takes babies and replays the same messages to them so that they understand what cast they belong in and their cast’s ideals. Drugs and sex are both encouraged and the citizens are given what they want, need, and are happy living where they are.

brave new world

Both societies have their flaws though. I don’t want to give too much away and I’m not even done with the books so there are things I probably don’t know, but reading these books at the same has given me insight on two sides of the dystopia spectrum. It’s really interesting to see how the two authors made flawed societies that are so different yet similar in subject. I would recommend either of these books, so far they have both been good reads. have a nice day!


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