March is the WORST month for work. This seems to be the month that teachers have decided to pile on all of the work they didn’t manage to give us the previous semester. Dear teachers, what are we cramming for! Its the middle of the semester. I did not become Super Student who has the ability to complete all of my work, after having a long practice, and still get a good nights sleep. I am currently suffocating under the amount of work I have to do for and it doesn’t help that track season just started which means I have meets both during the week and on weekends. But the best part about all of this work is when teachers wonder why every student in class is either sleeping or looks like they should be. I can clue them in on what’s going on. In the past four days we haven’t gotten more than five hours of sleep a night. It is becoming slow torture to wake up every morning knowing that I have to go through the same routine and experience the same pain when I go home and realize that once again I will be staying up until 2 in the morning to complete whatever work it is from each class.


Now I understand that not every student deals with this. I get that I may be among a select few that is willing to stay up late to finish the never ending piles of homework. I have gotten int0 a cycle where every week I tell myself that next week will get better. I give myself the “just get through this week” pep talk, and every week things don’t get easier. There is always something new, something more to do. Its absolutely exhausting. I have gotten to the point where I don’t care when I go to bed anymore because I know that it won’t be anytime before 11 PM. I can’t remember the last time I went to bed before 11PM during the week.

march break 2

The March Monster does not help with the whole sleeping situation either. During the weekends (when I’m not doing obscene amounts of homework or running circles around a track) I like to try to catch up on sleep. But without any breaks or three day weekends I find myself spending all of my time trying to finish all of my work for Monday in the two day weekend. I am constantly going places and doing projects, homework, etc. that I forgot how to relax. Last night I finished what I needed to for Monday around 7:30PM and I sat on my bed panicking that I hadn’t competed all of my assignments. I had this horrible feeling that I was forgetting to do something and I needed to find something more productive to do than sit on the couch. I find it a little troubling that I can no longer enjoy taking a break without stressing out about finding something else to do.

If you made it this far into my rant I applaud you. I have to apologize for where this post went, I didn’t plan on it turning into a rant but it did. Have a nice day!

(By the way, if this post was a little sarcastic/edgy/kind of all over the place, I had it all written up and when I went to save the draft it deleted the whole post. I debated whether or not to even rewrite it, but I did. I wish you all could have seen the original because it was definitely more well-written and had slightly more structure. As much structure as a rant can have anyway.)

2 thoughts on “March

  1. The deadly “just make it through the week” pep talk is currently on repeat for me. Sadly, it has even become “just make it through today” sometimes. I used to think that senioritis was the root of my problem, but I only have a mild case of it that is exacerbated by the never-ending to do list of homework and different college and scholarship applications. 31 days until Easter Break. We can do it!

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