Frozen: The Movie

I added The Movie to the title because it looked incomplete being called just Frozen. Yes I am going to review the movie Frozen. I am probably one of the last people to see this movie, and I feel that because I saw it so late that it ruined the effect the movie had on me. Before going to the movie my friends hyped it a lot; telling me that it was amazing, they sang all of the Frozen soundtrack songs, and some girl in my math class blurted out a big plot twist from the movie. I went in expecting a lot from the movie and I believe that it delivered everything I thought it would, but part of me feels like because I already heard so much about the movie before I saw it, I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I could have. I didn’t leave the theater completely overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the movie, which I was a little disappointed about.

November 1st, 2013 @ 20:51:56

Anyway for anyone who hasn’t seen Frozen yet, it is not what you would think it’s about from what the commercials show you. The story line is totally different from what I thought it would be which caught me by surprise. A young princess named Elsa has these powers that allow her to freeze things and create snow out of the palms of her hands. She and her sister, Anna, love to play with the powers to create snow in there palace home. One day while playing Elsa hits Anna with her powers. Anna turns cold and the royal family takes her to the forest to consult some magical creatures about what to do. They cure Anna but must take away her memory so she never knows the Elsa has powers. Elsa now must hide her powers from everyone. She becomes sad and secluded from this. the story escalates when the palace discovers Elsa’s powers when she is much older and she runs away into the forest to find happiness by herself and escape the wrath and fear of the townspeople from her “sorcery”. Now Anna must find Elsa because the whole palace is covered with snow and ice due to Elsa’s overwhelming power. We are taken on the journey to find Elsa and melt away the icy storm. The story is really good and that’s the basic starting blocks without giving too much away. I would recommend anyone to see it. It’s a great movie for anyone child or adult.

Frozen has so many great qualities including the soundtrack. Now as impossible it is to sing as high as the women in Frozen, the songs are so fun to sing along with. The themes and morals are also really good even for a children’s movie. It teaches us that we can’t trust everyone, not to judge others too quick, what an act of selflessness can do for others, how to be yourself, and not to marry a man you met in one day (even thought that’s what every other Disney movie does (Ariel, Cinderella)). I thought the animation was also really good, all of the characters looked pretty similar but the attention to detail was amazing. I noticed that every character’s hair fringe blew in the wind all the time, it was so detailed.

Overall frozen was a really good movie. I would go see it again just to experience the magic I feel from every Disney movie, but I wish I would have seen it sooner so I could have experienced the movie without any prior knowledge about it. Hope you enjoyed the movie review. I might do one on Captain Phillips . I saw that movie awhile ago and loved it. It was so powerful and suspenseful, but that’s for another time. Have a great day!


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