I Met Another Veteran

For my English class innovation project my friends and I are documenting war stories from veterans. (I explain it in better detail in my Breakfast With Champions post.) We have a blog called http://breakfastwithchampions.wordpress.com/ and a Vietnam veteran named Jack White found our intro video on that blog and commented that he would love to meet with us. We met up with him this past weekend and he told us some amazing stories. It was great to hear from his perspective about things that my textbook could never tell me.


Some of the magazines Jack brought to show us.

I had some questions written to ask him but after awhile we just started rattling into a conversation. He told me so much that I can’t even remember it all and I’m glad we got most of it on film. Jack brought some memorabilia that he kept over the years. They included pictures, magazines, pins, medals, patches, etc. It was all really interesting to look at, especially the pictures. We got to see what the country and the soldiers camps looked like, from on the ground and ariel view. Jack was part of the First Calvary Air unit so he got to fly around in helicopters and do a lot dropping and receiving goods from numerous other helicopters. He was also a radio operator and said that he had to carrying a radio on his back along with his guns and other weapons. The radio had a three foot antenna that he said would get in the way sometimes, but he said he liked the unit he was in because he loved to fly.

Jack, like many veterans, dealt with the aftereffects of war even to this day. He says he still feel survivors guilt and still checks his house before he goes to bed, like he is patrolling the area. I really liked talking to him and his wife, they were even nice enough to give us a ride in his 1956 chevy stationwagon, which was one of the coolest looking cars I have ever seen. Overall it was a great interview/meet up and I can’t wait for you all to see the footage we got. Our goal is to have it up in the next week, and it will be posted on our project’s blog (shown above).


Jack and Debbie in their station wagon.

Thanks to Jack and Debbie White for everything! Have a great day everyone!


3 thoughts on “I Met Another Veteran

  1. Reblogged this on Life as a Fish out of Water and commented:
    Check out my friend’s update about our project! We both can’t wait to post the video, so keep checking back for it!

  2. I love that you are sharing your innovation process. Always impressed by the work you two ladies are doing.

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