The Body Clock

I was reading an article on lifehacker yesterday, and I found an article that was really interesting. At first I thought it was going to be about tips on how to work more efficiently, since that is what I was looking for, but it wasn’t. The article explained that our body works on its own schedule, and it expressed how we could work with our natural body clock to help work efficiently.


I learned a lot of new things that I didn’t know before and it helped me a lot more than a “7 tips for _______” article would have. I learned that depending what type of person you are (morning or night) depends on when you should do the most work related activities and heavy thinking. And apparently when you are tired and not as focused, creative work can be easier because your brain can’t distinguish between concepts and ideas and is able to piece together different connections. Distractions can also help with creative work because it opens up the brain to a wider range of things to look at.

It also explained that our bodies are more ready for physical exercise between 2PM-6PM , and that it is in those time ranges that we have the most lung capacity and are less susceptible to injury. According to the article, more world records were broken in the afternoon than in the morning because our bodies are more ready to perform physical activities.

usain bolt

Everyone’s body clock is different, but sunlight helps us adjust to the earth’s 24-day period. Considering I am a student and am indoors most of the day while the sun is out, I thought that this could be the reason why I am able to stay up later. The article explains that “getting lots of light in the afternoon and around sunset will do the opposite—slow down your body clock and help you stay up later into the night.” This makes me wonder if we can manipulate our body clocks or if we will always be working around or body’s natural time needs?

I’m now really curious to learn more about how my body works that can help me work better when I need to get work done. If anyone finds anything interesting please leave it in a comment below I want to get feedback about what you think or anything that can relate to this!

I really liked this article. Its not super long, but I found that it kept my interest. Feel free to check it out, I linked it below!



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