My Break, Sickness, and Being Productive

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting for awhile. I spent my Christmas and New Years hanging out with family and friends, and not blogging. I unfortunately just finished my winter break for school, and when I went back to school it felt like I never left. This is the most frustrating feeling because I realize my winter break was filled with doing a lot of school work to remind me that, yes, I in fact have to endure another five and a half months of school.

My break wasn’t all bad though, I got to do some fun things too! I went on a church retreat, went dirt biking, caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile, and went to a lot of track related things. Oh, and I got sick. Over Christmas. It wasn’t horrible, but the last few symptoms lingered for a week after I got the cold/flu thing. I lost my voice, which has never happened to me before so that was an interesting experience by itself. My friends made fun of me and whenever I got excited or angry my voice either went really high or really low. And my yelling turned into some kind of awkward screeching and it wasn’t very loud.


That was the third time this school year I have gotten sick. I have either been around those other gross children too much or suddenly have a low immune system. I didn’t get sick at all last year and this year it is all catching up to me. I had someone ask me if it was worse or better to get sick over a break. I thought of a lot of pros and cons to argue both. One of the pros being I got to stay at home all day without having to worry about missing school and I didn’t have to go to school with a cough or runny nose. But being sick over break meant my break was slightly less enjoyable because I wasn’t able to go places and I felt terrible for a few days. I guess all of the sleep deprivation and stressing out caught up to me. Anyway, now that I’m back in school I am hoping to survive these next few weeks until finals are over.


Speaking of finals, the weeks leading up to finals are going to be packed full of work and stress for me. I read an article the other day about doing nothing to become more productive. At first I thought doing nothing is NOT productive, I have to be doing something to get things done. As I went along reading the article I reached the end where I realized that the key to getting things done is being calm. When I stress out or am frustrated with something I am doing or something going on in my life, it is harder to focus on the task at hand and I’m too frustrated to care if I am doing the work well or not. It was a good article and it’s short! Feel free to check that out, I linked it below.

Thanks for reading I hope you have a wonderful day!


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