Sleep Deprivation

Recently I read an article (which I have linked below) about how long a person can stay awake. The answer is 11 days, a world record set by none other than a high school student. The article then goes into some information about sleep diseases and how those can effect how a person lives. I didn’t pay much attention to those but it was some interesting information. But the article also stated that when we get a lack of sleep, after so long our bodies will shut down into a kind of awake-asleep, or “microsleep”. We are conscious but we can’t function as well as if we had slept. After a long while, sleep deprivation makes it harder to concentrate, motivate oneself, and perform higher mental activities.


From what I have noticed after not getting a lot of sleep, the next day I can’t function well. At practice I am less focused, and more likely to not be able to do the same skills physically as I would be able to normally. And at school paying attention in class becomes practically impossible. All I can focus on is trying to stay awake rather than what is being taught.

A line from the article that really spoke to me was “sleep [is] the gentle tyrant: It can be delayed but not defeated.” This is a message to all students, parents, and business people of the world: get some sleep! You will be saving the rest of the world’s population from accidents on the morning commute, mistakes on the job, and hours of repeating what was said either in class or at an important meeting that day.


Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

Here’s the link to the sleep article I was talking about. Read it and let me know what you think!


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