Sleep Deprivation

Recently I read an article (which I have linked below) about how long a person can stay awake. The answer is 11 days, a world record set by none other than a high school student. The article then goes into some information about sleep diseases and how those can effect how a person lives. I didn’t pay much attention to those but it was some interesting information. But the article also stated that when we get a lack of sleep, after so long our bodies will shut down into a kind of awake-asleep, or “microsleep”. We are conscious but we can’t function as well as if we had slept. After a long while, sleep deprivation makes it harder to concentrate, motivate oneself, and perform higher mental activities.


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In the Newspaper

Two weeks ago when I did my What If? project and talked to Jim, the three-war veteran, (read my Breakfast with Champions post for more about it) a journalist from the OC Register came to interview Demetrius and Jim. We didn’t know he would be there but when we told him about our project he was impressed. He was nice enough to interview us and include a story about the project we are doing. He even linked in our project’s blog into his article. I was so excited when I saw it in the newspaper that I cut it out and showed my teacher! I found an online version and wanted to share it with all of you, enjoy!

OC Register Veterans

Being Busy

So lately I have been very busy and I’m not sure I like it. I don’t think being busy is a bad thing if you are doing things that you find fulfilling, but I don’t think I ‘m doing the things that I want to be busy with. Most of my time is taken up by schoolwork. I find myself being consumed and drowning in the piles of work my teachers give me. I know homework is necessary sometimes, but when I’m sitting in my room all weekend doing work, I find it frustrating knowing that I could be outside experiencing everything life has to offer. Instead I’m stuck inside writing down notes about things I don’t usually care about.


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The Bell Jar

So as you may have guessed if you have read it before, this post is about The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I just finished reading it over the weekend and it was so good! It is about a girl named Esther Greenwood who slowly slips into a world of insanity. We follow her on the road to becoming insane. It is a very interesting look into the human mind and how psychology works. I heard so many good reviews about the book and I was excited to read it. Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed. It was one of those books that I couldn’t put down. I tried to read it as often as possible in between my busy schedule and I finished faster than I imagined. It is a great read if you don’t mind that it is kind of dark and I highly recommend it to anyone!

bell jar

Just a quick little post for this week because I was excited about this book and had to share. I need another book to read, so if anyone has a good suggestion leave me a comment below! Or comment on what you thought of the book if you have read it or if you would like to start reading it. Have a nice day!