Spark any ideas?

So this week I saw some really interesting videos that I liked and wanted to share!

The first puts life into perspective and may be one you have seen before.

The second is for anyone who loves Harry Potter. It was a really cute way to reenact the popular and series and bring it to life. It’s just another example of innovation that can put a smile on peoples faces!

This last video shows us how ridiculous our society can be. Don’t be a robot follower, or try not to be.


2 thoughts on “Spark any ideas?

  1. Thanks for sharing! Did you know, you can actually embed videos in your posts? 🙂

    • I did and I have in some of my other posts, but I was posting from my phone so I thought they embedded but I guess they didn’t… I will change that right away since I am on my computer now. But if you know how to embed videos from an iPhone please let me know and thanks for pointing that out!

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