Providing the Perfect Workspace

I read an article on 99u the other day about how the set up of a person’s desk or office space can affect how they perform at work. The article stated that being able to set up your own space, using furniture you want andoffice plant arranging it how you like, makes you more productive in getting work done. Using rounded furniture and arranging it in circular patterns has an inviting affect and can also promote more brain activity. But the article stated that of you are unable to do anything else, put a plant in your office or on your desk because it lowers stress and makes the workspace more optimistic. These were just a few tips about how to improve you office space; and it made me wonder that if personalized, inviting environments promote better productivity and creativity when doing work, what kind of an environment do our schools impose on students?

Feel free to read the article linked below to get a better explanation to help improve your office space!

Think about it….the desks are arranged in rows and straight lines, the walls (at least at my school) are all white, and most classrooms don’t have big windows or many plants in them (unless they are the teacher’s). So are we really in a good work space environment at school? Could we be more engaged if the walls were a different color or if our desks were arranged differently?

In elementary school I remember teachers allowing us to decorate our own privacy walls made of cardboard that we would use during tests. We also got to keep the same desks all year which allowed us to make things to put inside or on top of our desks. The desks were usually arranged in table groups and our classrooms were always colorfully decorated. This makes me wonder if schools promote creativity at a younger age hoping it will lead into our older years. For some of us it does, and for others it doesn’t. Also, do schools provide a more whimsical, welcoming environment for children because they are just that, little kids? And when kids get older do schools expect them to be able to focus without the warm, welcoming environment?


Those white walls at my school can be imposing and make kids feel isolated, it also provokes feelings of loneliness and makes people feel colder. I’m not saying that every class should be painted some obscure color to promote creativity, I just think that schools and teachers should consider the environment that they put themselves and the students in.

I have also linked below a site that explains how color can affect people’s moods and thoughts since I kind of touched on that in this post. Enjoy!


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