Innovation Creation

As I continue with my innovation project for my English class I am coming to find that innovation can be sparked from anywhere. I’ve found a lot of ideas online and from other people in my class about innovative things and ideas, and I wanted to share a few of them below!


When I first saw this picture I thought, “Who would think of this?”, and then I thought, “Why didn’t I think of this?” That seems to be the case of most innovative ideas, you always wish you had thought of it first. Although in this case I don’t think anyone would want me handling a power tool cleaner device. It could get dangerous and messy.


This picture is my favorite of all because it is so smart! Most people come up with their best ideas in the shower, where they have time to think and go through their day, and now these people will never forget the things they thought of in the shower. The waterproof paper into shower notepad idea can be expanded to books and magazines, then everyone can read in the shower, pool, or in the rain. Its brilliant!

penguin pillowpetPillow pets were and still are one of the hottest kids toys/items. It is such a simple idea of combining two basic products- a pillow and a stuffed animal- into one. That simple idea launched into a something so big that most kids today have at least one of these furry friends. Sometimes the most simple and obvious ideas can become the greatest if there is a need or demand for such a thing.


This advertisement also shows innovation because it is non traditional and uses different surfaces to make a convincing and eye-catching ad for people to look at. Innovation comes from trying something new and different than expected. When I came across this picture I made a point to stop and look it over; it is a successful, creative, and innovative idea.

For any of you who struggle to come up with any innovative or creative ideas I hope this has helped you or just given you a good laugh. I always love to see these types of pictures and examples because it makes me feel better that what I might think is simple and boring others may think is the next big thing!


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