Breakfast with Champions

Recently I started my What If? project for my English class. My friend has a neighbor, his name is Demetrius Harakas, who takes veterans out to breakfast at his restaurant (Fantastic Café), drives them in his old war car, and talks to them about their experience in whatever war they were in. He says the veterans love to share stories with him; and he has heard A LOT of stories. For the past 8 months Demetrius has been taking local veterans to breakfast. He estimates he has taken about 70 veterans out and listened to their war stories.

ww2 car

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Spark any ideas?

So this week I saw some really interesting videos that I liked and wanted to share!

The first puts life into perspective and may be one you have seen before.

The second is for anyone who loves Harry Potter. It was a really cute way to reenact the popular and series and bring it to life. It’s just another example of innovation that can put a smile on peoples faces!

This last video shows us how ridiculous our society can be. Don’t be a robot follower, or try not to be.

Providing the Perfect Workspace

I read an article on 99u the other day about how the set up of a person’s desk or office space can affect how they perform at work. The article stated that being able to set up your own space, using furniture you want andoffice plant arranging it how you like, makes you more productive in getting work done. Using rounded furniture and arranging it in circular patterns has an inviting affect and can also promote more brain activity. But the article stated that of you are unable to do anything else, put a plant in your office or on your desk because it lowers stress and makes the workspace more optimistic. These were just a few tips about how to improve you office space; and it made me wonder that if personalized, inviting environments promote better productivity and creativity when doing work, what kind of an environment do our schools impose on students? Continue Reading

Being a Team Player

The other day in my English class we watched a movie called Guru of Go. It was about a college basketball player who collapsed and died on the court in the middle of one of his games. His name was Hank Gathers. The movie showed how inspiring Hank had been to both his teammates and his community. He was one of the best players in the college basketball and had natural talent and spark on the court. When he died his team was shocked. They didn’t know how to react to it. But they picked up and played together for Hank.Hank_Gathers

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