Grades and the Grading System

Today I was wondering if there were no grades in school would students still do the work? My answer is that it depends on the student. Some students go above and beyond to participate in class, while others just try to pass the class and be as unknown as possible. That is exactly why grades are required in classes, because if the work is not given an immediate set grade students won’t do it. Some classes are different however. Some classes base the grade one gets on the effort of the work that person puts into it. I think both methods are fine and both work, but the latter only works if the students are able to be engaged in the work and actively participate.a pluss

This also brought up another question: can there be another grading system other than just the normal grades A,B,C,D, or F? A long time ago UC Santa Cruz had a grading system where they did not give grades, but the professors wrote an essay about how the student did in the class. Many people complained about this form of grading and the school got rid of it. This goes to show how people do not like to stray from what is normal. But have we become so stuck in our ways that we can’t open up to consider something different?


This leads me to another point. I hate it when teachers say its not about the grade, but about what you learn in the class.  Yes, I completely agree that learning the material is important and will help me have a better foundation in that subject in the future, but teachers don’t understand that my grade helps determine what college I get into and if I don’t get a good grade in a class that it could also greatly impact my future. Maybe I need to think about this from the teacher’s perspective. I might be too biased and “student-minded” on this point. Leave a comment below about what you think!


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