soccerballI was reading a newspaper article the other day and it said that the amount of sport related injuries has gone up immensely in the past 10 years. This is from kids being encouraged to try sports at a younger age and at a higher level. The article also stated that the majority of injuries come from kids who specialize in just one sport. At first I thought this made no sense because I was thinking that the more sports a person plays the susceptible they would be to getting different injuries from each sport. But as I kept reading, the article stated that the injuries relate to doing the same strenuous motion over and over again. For baseball it was shoulder problems, basketball, ankle and knee issues, and soccer, knee problems as well.

I used to play soccer and run track at the same time and I realized that I had less injuries when I did both than when I quit soccer and did just track. Last year I came home with three different injuries and that was in the one year that I had done only track. When I did both soccer and track I only got injured once. I’m not that saying that playing one sport is a bad thing, I do it now and I really enjoy it. But the article aimed at trying to set limitations on how much of one skill a person should work on in a certain period of time. I believe with that in mind that many athletes could save themselves from injuries relating to overuse and stress on one part of the body.



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