Not Creative

I’m not a very creative person, I can’t draw well or come up with out-of-the-box ideas for projects or anything.  I always complain when teachers give too strict directions for things, but when they don’t give enough direction, when things are wide open for me to do, I feel lost. In my English class we are doing these projects called innovation projects where we can do anything we want as long as it has some kind of positive impact and addresses a need in the community. I find it very hard to come up with an idea for what I want to do for my innovation project because it is so open. I like having the freedom and being able to keep my options wide open, but its a little uncomfortable for me not to be told what the exact directions are for the project. This makes me wonder, if I’m having a hard time doing a project like this, how will I feel when I get a real career and need to work on free-reign projects? Will I draw a creative blank like I am now or will I adapt better as an adult in the work force to these kinds of projects?

I feel that later in life I should be able to know how to do projects that are more open, but it makes me think why more classes don’t give projects like that now. I know that the classes I have taken have given me a lot of knowledge, based on the books I read, the sciences I learned, and, yes, projects are necessary to understand the material I learn. But what if kids in school were taught about what the real world will be like after they finish school? Where they won’t get homework every night, but where they will both get to learn and practice their jobs? Will they be better prepared for future careers or would that actually keep them from learning the basic material? Just some things I have been thinking about.

cat cactus

Anyway, I was reading an article online the other day about how to be more creative with a busy schedule. As a busy, uncreative person I found it interesting. The author says that creating time blocks to get things done and treating them as if they were scheduled events helps your mind transition from: free time, I might as well work on this, to I have to work on this project right now. He also says that thinking about the process of your work rather than the goals helps keep you from worrying about what needs to get done. It made me realized that I never think about the process of my work just the goals, which is probably why I have a hard time starting projects and thinking of ideas for them. Also, in my English class today we were talking about what to do for our innovation projects and we went through a process of thinking of needs people have, then came up with bad ideas to solve those needs. Yes, BAD ideas. It was super interesting hearing what my group and the other groups came up with, and it actually helped me think more about what I could do for my innovation project! I want to try to apply both the tips from the article and the things I learned in class to be more efficient and more creative in future projects.

I linked the article for those interested in checking it out!


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