Views on Life and Living Happily

Today in my English class is was reading this book called Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer for our class’s Brain Fuel time. It is a very interesting book and I actually did not know it was a true story until about 50 pages into the book. I posted about this book on my class’s Google+ page and one of my classmates told me it was made in to a movie! I got really excited because I like the book and would love to see how it was adapted in to a movie. Another one of my fellow classmates told me he was reading the same book and we got into a little online discussion about a passage from the book. This passage made me think more about how everyone has different views on how they want to live their lives.Into_the_Wild_(book)_cover

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Grades and the Grading System

Today I was wondering if there were no grades in school would students still do the work? My answer is that it depends on the student. Some students go above and beyond to participate in class, while others just try to pass the class and be as unknown as possible. That is exactly why grades are required in classes, because if the work is not given an immediate set grade students won’t do it. Some classes are different however. Some classes base the grade one gets on the effort of the work that person puts into it. I think both methods are fine and both work, but the latter only works if the students are able to be engaged in the work and actively participate.a pluss

This also brought up another question: can there be another grading system other than just the normal grades A,B,C,D, or F? A long time ago UC Santa Cruz had a grading system where they did not give grades, but the professors wrote an essay about how the student did in the class. Many people complained about this form of grading and the school got rid of it. This goes to show how people do not like to stray from what is normal. But have we become so stuck in our ways that we can’t open up to consider something different?

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soccerballI was reading a newspaper article the other day and it said that the amount of sport related injuries has gone up immensely in the past 10 years. This is from kids being encouraged to try sports at a younger age and at a higher level. The article also stated that the majority of injuries come from kids who specialize in just one sport. At first I thought this made no sense because I was thinking that the more sports a person plays the susceptible they would be to getting different injuries from each sport. But as I kept reading, the article stated that the injuries relate to doing the same strenuous motion over and over again. For baseball it was shoulder problems, basketball, ankle and knee issues, and soccer, knee problems as well.

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Life, Death, and Old People

Today I was reading a newspaper article about a research study that UC Irvine is holding on how the elderly live so long. The participants in their study are all over 90 years old, and when asked why they lived so long, many of them answered that they stay busy and positive. Four interviewed 90+ women all had some kind of health habits or issues when they were younger. Three of the four were heavy smokers for over 20 years and the other was exposed to radiation in her twenties. They all make the most of their time on earth and accept the fact that they may die soon. One woman says, “Death? It happens to everybody. Nobody’s ever missed it.” This made me think about how easy it is for these women to enjoy their lives because they accept that they will die. They make everyday memorable and keep their days so busy because they seem to appreciate life more now that they have less time left on earth.old people

This also made me think that the reason why young people take things for granted is because they don’t realize how little time they have on earth. The youth of today always assumes there is a tomorrow, they are so set in the future that they do not live in the day and in the moment. Elderly people are easily able to think about the day and moment they live in because they have already lived their future. Their next step is going into whatever or not afterlife they believe in. They are able to enjoy their days as they go by because they don’t know whether or not they will have a tomorrow.

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Envy: Both good and bad

When people think of envy, they usually have a negative connotation that goes along with it. Envy is the green-eyed monster and one of the seven deadly sins so it must be bad. As defined by one of Webster’s dictionaries, envy is green%20monster“painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage”. It is easy to say it is not a good thing to be envious of what another person has because one should be content with what they have in life. But envy can help motivate a person to get things they want that others have. It can help a person reach their goals and make that person more determined to get what they want.

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Not Creative

I’m not a very creative person, I can’t draw well or come up with out-of-the-box ideas for projects or anything.  I always complain when teachers give too strict directions for things, but when they don’t give enough direction, when things are wide open for me to do, I feel lost. In my English class we are doing these projects called innovation projects where we can do anything we want as long as it has some kind of positive impact and addresses a need in the community. I find it very hard to come up with an idea for what I want to do for my innovation project because it is so open. I like having the freedom and being able to keep my options wide open, but its a little uncomfortable for me not to be told what the exact directions are for the project. This makes me wonder, if I’m having a hard time doing a project like this, how will I feel when I get a real career and need to work on free-reign projects? Will I draw a creative blank like I am now or will I adapt better as an adult in the work force to these kinds of projects?

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